Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I know I havent written in days

I have had a little creative constipation the last few days . It has been busy and hot .... I think the heat is melting my brain . I went to Mike Strong's class today with Sabrina , it was pretty cool and Mikes new gecko stamp is too cute and looks fantastic with Twinkling H2o's on it . Jen just bought a large amount of stamps from Mike so the store has plenty for purchase . I am heading to Disneyland for the week-end so I will not be creating ... stay tuned though I am sure I will come up with something next week . I cant believe but I lost a card oops ... I will have to remake it .

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pictures of Daily events

So I also went to the Kolby swap meet today and I was all over my house guest today to put on sunblock ..."maybe I should practice what I preach , I have hives , blisters on my head and I feel as if my skin temp is boiling I didnt know I was this hot .... LOL Well while I was at the swap meet I landed on A26 this lady is selling ink ,rubber stamps , hero arts ,inky dinky doo and tons of scrapbooking supplies and paper for cheap cheap cheap I spent 36.00 and look at all the stuff I bought . It was crazy , I thought for sure that it was going to be dried out and its not its perfect she had stazon for 3.00 unreal . So when you walk in the swap meet its the first row on your right five vendors down and the booth number is A26 ,I am sure I will see you there .
Also here are some pictures of the book we did today and if you dont know where scrapbook your life is you need to check it out
CAN YOU BELIEVE YOUR EYES ..... I also but some really old spoons and I looked on the net and they are worth 30.00 each and I only paid 1.00 .....

4x4 book with the bind it all ....

I am the proud new owner of a bind it all today , its great and I cant wait to get it out of the box ASAP. Today I did a JLO inspired 4x4 book using Tim Holtz distress ink and felt stickers they were lime green ewwwwwwwwwwww and they didnt match the paper ... A little Tim and they looked perfect . You do know that you can make anything match with a little ink and that white pen not the glaze pens they bleed through your ink and make your project look muddy
Update from last nights ladies night .. I had a blast you guys are so much fun and I enjoy all the questions and seeing all the really cool things you do . Just a reminder to those that did not sign up last night when I left there was only two spots left open its limited to nine people .

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I forgot to post yesterday , well I made invites to a baby shower and worked on them pretty much all night long , finally went to bed at three am and then was off to Palm Springs today to pick up some good friends . I did start a card tonight but no ones awake to teach me how to use this new card reader a wee bit computer challenged I am . Oh I do feel as if I am going through JLO withdrawl .... she is nothing but non stop fun . So its Sea world in the morning , I hope that they do not mistake me for a escaped sea lion or whale

Pictures tommorow promise
gnite all


Monday, April 21, 2008

Long Day ...

Well we started de-stressing ... Jen Lowe is a real treat to work with . I feel that I learned alot today . I cant wait to teach everyone some new stuff . So I took the Ek Sucess Memory wedding book to a new level and it is fab. Magazine worthy I hope , I am going to start sending pictures out as soon as it's finished. I am on stamping overload right now ... started playing at 1100 am and left the store to come home and start working on the invitations that are needed for Tuesday for sixty people . I am not going to bed untill all the embossing is done . I wish I had some helpers right now but its my own fault . So here are some before and after pictures of my days work . If you have suggestions please post me a comment .

Just play and dont forget too you dont want to be a paper collector and you know who you are ...

The project is not completed yet but this is where I left off today ... I think its beautiful

Saturday, April 19, 2008

April 18 th class

So this was the class at The Stamp Addict April 18 th it was a hit and a complete blast to make . These cards are new and hot you can purchase these stamps at
With this project ranger dimensional glaze and glaze pens are a must they added flare . If you have any questions let me know .

A Fantastic day

Well everyone I cant tell you how much fun I had today ... I truly feel inspired I spent the day with Jlo owner of Lucy Magoo stamps and a crafting Diva truly an inspiration to me . We met by chance at a scrap and stamp convention . Anyway she came to my class this week with my favorite stamps and I was thrilled .
So the project I worked on today was a wedding album suitcase and I sanded it used encore inks with a dash of Tim Holtz and can I tell you that nothing would stick on that case it was getting irritating and then I took the heat tool to it and well then it started turning into a piece of art work I took Lifes a Beach embossing powder (available May 27/08) and stippled it on the edges and WOW I cant wait to finish it . I think it will take longer then it took to plan the wedding though LOL. So if you are looking for me the next few days I will be at scrapbook your life inking my fingers to the bone .