Monday, April 21, 2008

Long Day ...

Well we started de-stressing ... Jen Lowe is a real treat to work with . I feel that I learned alot today . I cant wait to teach everyone some new stuff . So I took the Ek Sucess Memory wedding book to a new level and it is fab. Magazine worthy I hope , I am going to start sending pictures out as soon as it's finished. I am on stamping overload right now ... started playing at 1100 am and left the store to come home and start working on the invitations that are needed for Tuesday for sixty people . I am not going to bed untill all the embossing is done . I wish I had some helpers right now but its my own fault . So here are some before and after pictures of my days work . If you have suggestions please post me a comment .

Just play and dont forget too you dont want to be a paper collector and you know who you are ...

The project is not completed yet but this is where I left off today ... I think its beautiful

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