Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pictures of Daily events

So I also went to the Kolby swap meet today and I was all over my house guest today to put on sunblock ..."maybe I should practice what I preach , I have hives , blisters on my head and I feel as if my skin temp is boiling I didnt know I was this hot .... LOL Well while I was at the swap meet I landed on A26 this lady is selling ink ,rubber stamps , hero arts ,inky dinky doo and tons of scrapbooking supplies and paper for cheap cheap cheap I spent 36.00 and look at all the stuff I bought . It was crazy , I thought for sure that it was going to be dried out and its not its perfect she had stazon for 3.00 unreal . So when you walk in the swap meet its the first row on your right five vendors down and the booth number is A26 ,I am sure I will see you there .
Also here are some pictures of the book we did today and if you dont know where scrapbook your life is you need to check it out
CAN YOU BELIEVE YOUR EYES ..... I also but some really old spoons and I looked on the net and they are worth 30.00 each and I only paid 1.00 .....

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