Friday, May 30, 2008

The Top Secret .... Spray

The Answer to a wood block removing enthusiast .... are you excited ...can't handle it anymore

Its bird its a plane no ITS SUPER SEAL a product that is put out by creative Imagination's
It retails for 13.99 and they will only sell to brick and mortar stores ... NOT ME I even begged grrrrrr .

So here is the deal with it , you remove your stamps off the tree wasting blocks and then stamp with them on the EZ mount sheets with Stazon then take the sheets outside to spray this stuff you will gas yourself out.. if you don't . Spray a thin layer because you will make the Stazon run if you spray too much . Then I just flap it in the air for a minute and its dry and the images are going to stay put . I also put page protectors between each page so that dirty stamps do not ruin other images .
I have just figured this little technique out and it seems to be pretty good and holding up to baby wipes . Maybe I may have found the answer .

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Croping and croping

Today I was at Yellowbird Scrapbooking ... all day again , I have been creative there lately I wish all of you would join me there . I didn't get anything finished today though I accomplished spending money AGAIN . More stuff to find a home for , I did however find a new stamp storage system and I think it might be an answer to our prayers untill I can produce mine . But in the mean time this is cheap . I am going to keep the name hush hush untill I put it through the real test ...ME before I suggest it to anyone .
Tomorrow I will be at Yellowbird again ... call me and let me know if you are interested in joining me "you know how I hate to play alone"

Melissa (excited about playing all day long )

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Just came home from a baby shower so now the dilemma is to put all my craft stuff away or take a nap . Hmmmmmmmm

Play play play

12 hours of non -stop play at Yellowbird scrapbooking , I couldn't find anyone to play with me today so I went shopping . With out any supplies I asked if I could sign up for their class that was already in progress and Pam said "sure" and helped me put with some gear . Well then Reggie showed up and I had to go but I was back in 15 min with my load of stuff and I was ready to attend their crop once class was done . So today in class I made motion cards how fun and I showed the ladies that the SCOR -PAL is the best scoring tool ever made .(they agreed ) So while I was croping tonight I found this paper from a California company that is fantastic and I forget their name, but anyway it matches the whole beach theme wedding stuff . I didn't quite finish it because I didn't have everything there with me. I used Autumn Leaves stamps flourish set #2 . The trick with this page is to stamp your image of the thick flourish going diagonal on plain card stock and then cut the flourish out . When finished glue card stock on to patterned paper then take the same stamp and flip it and stamp on both pieces of card stack all the`way down image .... Cute . I then went over with glossy accents and glitter .
I am using the two sand dollars to symbolize tying the knot and I am going to our names on them or the day we got married leave comments and tell me what you think I should do ... OK I have tried three times to load pictures I am going to have to do it in the morning ... I need a new camera that I can use ...

Friday, May 16, 2008


So I have been helping my friend Karren this week clean up after a fire ... What a mess I can totally understand what she is going through as a fire has happened to me about five years ago and I lost everything I owned except my dog molly and my passport . This fire was not as bad and Karren has some things to pack and she has insurance . But holy smokes that girl has a craft room I guess working at Micheals really helps out the addiction . I was sorting through stuff that had smoke damage and she has 7 versa fine vintage sepia inkpads and they are not even opened . She got spanked for that by me . In all this mess Karren found a stack of coupons to give to me they are only good for today and tomorrow and its 25% off your total purchase . So if you are interested give me a call and I will hook you up 956-236-4705.
Its official this week that Diane and I are in business our first show will be in Aug and hopefully the website will be up and running by July 1st .I will still be teaching lots of classes hopefully I may have to take a break as I am having surgery with a date unknown .

So lets talk crafts .... spellbinders nestabilities I love them and Jen has them in right now , some of you are saying what the heck are those . Well they are a two step die cut made out of metal ,they cut and emboss . But most important they can be used in my cuttlebug . I am going to show all the ladies tonight how to do this . I have completed my Emersons board for June 11thWell I am off to pack for ladies night at the Stamp Addict ...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

I have been Quiet

OK so I am getting stuff done for my classes next month and trying to set up my business , so I have been a little quiet lately ...SORRY
I am working like a busy little beaver so I have something fantastic to teach all of you . Let me tell you that my mystery Monday is going to be fantastic on June 2,2008 . This is a clue ...."So join me on your travels if you can" and then the rest of the clues you will have to wait untill the news letter comes out ....HAHA
Then there are my Divas "Emerson" and they have been up to trouble and need a background check . In this class we are going to be working on background techniques to really spice them up . This class will be on June 11 .
I need scrapbookers ..where are you I have fun classes you go home with lots of product , its like taking a card and making it big to store your memories "heck you can store your cards in them. What exactly are you going to do with hundreds of cards hmmmmmmmm I have a full box taking up valuable space that I could put a new tool on or something . My scrapbook pages can be any theme you like and you can move things around to make it your own . I bring the cricut with me everytime .So check me out June 28 th come to the other side

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Missing mind and two rubber stamp sets

"We are Locked out something crazy is happening .... She's really lost her mind Oh NO SNORT SNORT "

Well let me paint the picture it looks like my craft area has had a
recent tornado . I am creating and playing for my upcoming classes
finally after a week of creative constipation and the one rubber stamp
set that I have on my mind I can not find .... I feel as nothing else
will do I know I can draw water but I want my stamp grrrrrrrr . So do
I embark on a journey of no return and clean , or continue to make
mess . If I start cleaning I could be there for days .... This is
disturbing I feel as if I lost a friend . Reggie my husband thinks I
am being silly ...

So if you see my mind can you tell her I am looking for her and that
if she is going to take off ,she shouldn't take my rubber with her .

Lost rubber ,messy craft area -Melissa

Update .... I spent the whole day organizing the disaster area and its pretty nice know ... Mind is still gone and the rubber is still missing ....

Sad me ... but happy soon I will get to make a mess again LOL

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What did I do tonight ???

I spent the whole day today wandering around my favorite stores in my travels I ran in to fellow addicts wandering around also . So lets see I came home with a large box of goodies some of its "TOP SECRET "Because next month I am having a class Mystery Monday with "ME" you are not going to see what I am teaching its going to be a secret. I will send out a list of things needed for class . Oh if you are reading this could you shoot me an email so I can add you to my mailing list . I promise I will not send you junk .
So tonight I worked on class cards and paper work .... and I am still in a creative block. Maybe I will be back to my normal self after I teach class in the morning I am so excited . I LOVE THE SCOR -PAL and I cant wait for others to learn how to use it . It is one of the most fantastic tools I have in my house and its easy to use . This product is available at the stamp addict or on the scor-pal website.I do suggest that you download the scor-pal basics guide and read it , print it and put it in a binder , do each project in order and then you will become a educated scor-pal user .

Nite all --- Melissa needs to rest