Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Missing mind and two rubber stamp sets

"We are Locked out something crazy is happening .... She's really lost her mind Oh NO SNORT SNORT "

Well let me paint the picture it looks like my craft area has had a
recent tornado . I am creating and playing for my upcoming classes
finally after a week of creative constipation and the one rubber stamp
set that I have on my mind I can not find .... I feel as nothing else
will do I know I can draw water but I want my stamp grrrrrrrr . So do
I embark on a journey of no return and clean , or continue to make
mess . If I start cleaning I could be there for days .... This is
disturbing I feel as if I lost a friend . Reggie my husband thinks I
am being silly ...

So if you see my mind can you tell her I am looking for her and that
if she is going to take off ,she shouldn't take my rubber with her .

Lost rubber ,messy craft area -Melissa

Update .... I spent the whole day organizing the disaster area and its pretty nice know ... Mind is still gone and the rubber is still missing ....

Sad me ... but happy soon I will get to make a mess again LOL


Cheryl O said...

Hey Mel, room looks great! Want to come clean off my table now?????


Anonymous said...

Hi Melanie,
Sad but true I am being forced to clean my room as well as down sizing considerably. I don't know what I am going to do with everything. Yours looks so nice and neat and clean.
Sorry about your rubber, hope it comes home soon.
Karla A.

Sabrina MacD said...

Don't let her fool you she had help cleaning all that LOL.

Anonymous said...

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