Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What did I do tonight ???

I spent the whole day today wandering around my favorite stores in my travels I ran in to fellow addicts wandering around also . So lets see I came home with a large box of goodies some of its "TOP SECRET "Because next month I am having a class Mystery Monday with "ME" you are not going to see what I am teaching its going to be a secret. I will send out a list of things needed for class . Oh if you are reading this could you shoot me an email so I can add you to my mailing list . I promise I will not send you junk .
So tonight I worked on class cards and paper work .... and I am still in a creative block. Maybe I will be back to my normal self after I teach class in the morning I am so excited . I LOVE THE SCOR -PAL and I cant wait for others to learn how to use it . It is one of the most fantastic tools I have in my house and its easy to use . This product is available at the stamp addict or on the scor-pal website.I do suggest that you download the scor-pal basics guide and read it , print it and put it in a binder , do each project in order and then you will become a educated scor-pal user .

Nite all --- Melissa needs to rest

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