Thursday, June 5, 2008

whatcha ya doing Wednesdays

Supplies :

Stamp and Stick glue pad
Rubber stamp of your choice
Gold or copper leafing
Heat tool
Hard bristle paint brush

Ink up your stamp with glue (stamp and stick glue ) Like below
You are then going to heat the image untill its tacky feel it but be careful that you do not burn your fingers .

Once its tacky you are going to take a sheet but again be careful it rips and makes a bit of a mess. Apply it to the image and press in a circular motion .

In figure A. You will see the image start to appear and the Access gold leafing will come off like below Figure B .
There will be places where you notice that the leafing will not stick and that just means that you dried the glue to much . I did that several times tonight . If there are spots that are not showing the design take your stiff bristle brush and rub in a circular motion and that should help , you can also reheat . Try the brush first though...
This leafing technique is great for those special cards that you are not mass producing. Fig. C

It would be really great if I could download the pictures I took with my new camera but its not working .... Great and Reggie just went to bed grrrrrrrrrrrrr . Tomorrow they will be up I promise

So I figured it out ... lets see if it sticks in my brain

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Sabrina MacD said...

So you just used regular stick glue??? What about those glue stamp pads would that work too, or is stick glue better??