Monday, September 1, 2008

WoW what a week-end !

I need to tell you ladies and gents that I had a fantastic time .... Mike Strong was his usual hit with a fantastic project .If you want to see more of him you can check him out at

So we are going to be in VEGAS in 2 weeks and our life is going to be nuts ordering new stock for the show ... I started today . Diane is very busy working on the website and it should be up and running very soon.


Kat Baker said...

Hi Melissa
Found your blog. Again, wanted to tell you what a great time my sister and I had in your booth on Saturday. You mentioned that you do a stamping scraping type day in your home. Would love to know more about that.

Anonymous said...

I had fun with you ladies too ... I will let you know when my next day will be . I do not think that it will be for at least two weeks because I am teaching in LA and having a show in Vegas . I am teaching at the stamp addict OCT 4th its a really great project check it out .

Thanks again