Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pumpkin and Corn Samples

Here are some Pumpkin and Corn (J-1068) samples created by the Design Team to inspire you...

Designed by Cathy Tidwell

Designed by Lisa Somerville

Designed by Melissa Bove


Anonymous said...

I love this card Melissa Bove did a great job everyone I show this too thinks as I do it is really beautiful boy she is on the ball when she makes her crafts.she id very talented.

Anonymous said...

Melissa bove did a wonderful job on this card you need to pop over to her blog and see all the beautiful things she creates.. she is very talented

Anonymous said...

Melissa Boves Creations are the very Best I have ever seen , I have gone looking all around and she has such talent. all of her crafts I have seen is top shelf.

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