Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Stampendous Stretching Snowman

Hey ladies ,
Here is the directions to complete the snowman that we did yesterday . I had so much fun with you all and look forward to our next class together . We did all the water coloring and highlighting yesterday and some of you got to the step of cutting out . But if not you might want to apply your stickles before you cut the pieces out .
For some of you that are just checking in now on this you will want to start with 8.5x11 cardstock and your scor-pal you will score at 2 , 4, 6, 8 and the last fold is going to be a little wider then the others its the base that holds the snowman so the card will stand up .
Then you are going to stamp 4 - 5 snowmen in different shapes and sizes . How you do this is to stretch the snowman buy pulling on his body . Remember when you are taking him off the block start with his head first . The set is made of clear acrylic and they do tear if you are not careful .

Step One Adhere the larger snowman to the bottom of the first fold and then cut around his head and cut the rest of the fold out .

Step 2 Adhere the Skinny Snowman behind the first one , stagger them a bit "kinda like stairs" and then cut out the panel behind his head .
Step Three ... Once the panel behind his head is cut out you are going to adhere the third snowman staggered .

Step Four .... Take the last snowman which is the larger one and apply him to the inside and then Voila !!! you are done .If you would like to purchase this set its available on the rubber cafe website and if you put in TJSHIP in the coupon code you get free shipping .