Friday, January 16, 2009

I have blogged Two days in a Row

I have blogged two days in a Row .... SEE I am better , we have been a bit slack on getting the new product up online though. I am Sorry I had Physio today and I was flat on my back most of the evening .... OUCH she really rips my shoulder up .... anyway now I cant sleep. I borrowed an idea for this card .... it was sent to me in an email from Stampendous but I had to do it .... HI HO silver looks the best on this card. Some of you have been asking what the difference between the colors are and HI HO silver is more if a true silver then Silver Bells . Silver Bells has a blue hue to it and its not as shinny. In this card I used the new Stampendous Sets the ROBOTZ and they are so cute you will have to check them out on my website they are available for purchase now and will ship the day you order them.

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Anonymous said...

love robots! I'm off to check out the new product! Way to go on the posts Melissa, good thing you can type with the shoulder injury!