Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oh my Badness

So since CHA I have been catching up on sleep and orders (OH MY) We are getting ready to start the show season and I am so excited its like waiting for Santa. We have tons of new products coming and I just picked up the whole Cosmo Cricket line ... The new papers are sweet. Now I didn't hit every booth that sells paper but let me tell you out of all the ones that I did see Cosmo is where its at this season ... All I have to say is SNORKEL .
So today I spent along time talking with Stacey from Shimmerz and she inspired me to play tonight... So I came up with a little diddy ... I love this stamp and have used it a few times now .... I know what you are all saying can you pick another stamp you have 900 of them .... GEEEZ but I am on a role .
I used the Girl Friday paper and Shimmerz and not to mention Daisy Bouquet from (I have tried and tried I can not get this thing to link.

The Flower looks a little smudged but its not I just wanted to show how the light hits the Shimmerz . I love using the Shimmerz over top of my Copic markers it really gives them an extra kick.

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