Monday, July 27, 2009

September 2009 FRONT PAGE

I am so excited .... This is a first for The Rubber Cafe .... When Suzy sent me this card ... I had a dream that it was going to be on the front page and I called Suzy and told her this and she laughed . A few months later she called me and she said that they accepted her card and I said again that it was going to be on the front page.
Well last month when I opened the last issue it was on the last page in a little 2X2 square I knew it was going to be ..... Its beautiful ... Its not the cover of the Rolling Stone but I will take it ....
Now where is my ISSUE ... I need to frame it


I have something to share .... New Stamps

Its been a while .... but I have been busy and I have new stamps to share . On Friday the box arrived and I started playing right away and it was so much fun. Our new design team has product sent out and soon there will be samples and lots of good stuff posted .The First set of cards were using the Inked poppy .... this particular stamp looks so cool colored with the Copics ... I think that I am in love with these markers .... I have all 144 Ciaos now ....

Then there are also the Halloween Stamps ..... I am so excited Halloween is one of my favorite times of year .... I usually hand out treats but rarely get into a costume. My dad used to make me pretty cute costumes when I was a kid though I remember one year he made me a bug outfit ... it had small metal strainers for eyes and wings made out of coat hangers and nylons . I wish I had a picture to post . For Sept and Oct I will be teaching the Pop out Cards ( information will be posted later dates to be confirmed )

Check out these stamps ....