Monday, August 10, 2009

Alter This...For Some Halloween Fun!

How often do you come across really cool packaging, put it to the side and think "I'll have it when I need it"! I actually do that a lot so you can only imagine what my hoard pile looks like right?! Well with Halloween coming and living in a new neighborhood with young children I thought this year I could start the "Boo-ing" and see how far it gets! Fun huh?! Then I had to think, what will I give?! Heh, heh, heh, here's when that hoard pile comes in handy! Yep, if you look at my pictures below you can tell (I hope) that I saved a good ole "Spam" container! LOL! I like that it was gold, small sized and easy to cover and totally fit my need! So take a look below and see what an updated Spam can looks like.....

So here's the details of what I did to create this fun little treat! We had Spam and eggs...oooh I mean I cleaned my can really good. I took my favorite Halloween stamp called "You Shake My Bones", I created my own paper using black and orange ink. I measured out the lines so I could stamp them evenly, voila! My own designer paper! I could have stamped the skeleton any number of ways too but straight strips seemed to fit my needs for this project! The words "Happy Halloween" are stamped out in green to coordinate with my Designer Paper. The polka dots are from K&Company and is called TC Halloween Black Dots Flat Paper. I just picked it up last week and couldn't wait to use it in as many projects as I could get it into! I also "had to do" something different to the skeletons! I gave them green glittery eyes! I loved them! It also helps tie in the green! For the label with the "Happy Halloween" I simply taped my papers together, positioned my oval nestie where I wanted it and cut it out! I cut around the words and added them as well! I used random ribbon bits and pieces I have left over from other projects, can't seem to throw out much! LOL! The candy is actually Reeses Pieces which are safe until my daughter finds them and makes them "magically disappear"! LOL! Well I hope I inspired you to not only create a fun gift for someone in your neighborhood and get the "Boo-ing" going but, to also get the great ideas of different ways you can use these great stamps! So how about a Halloween dare?! Are you game?! Let's see what you can come up with using your own skeleton stamp! The possibilities are endless! Just don't forget to post a link to your creation back here!!

Have fun!!

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