Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Creepy, Crawly and CUTE!

What has 8 legs, creeps around but is cute as heck?! This card!!

How cute is this little spider guy?! Don't you love how the spiderweb is all sparkly in the background?! This was designed by Lisa Cook, one of our design team members who has been very busy lately creating a lot of new projects featuring The Rubber Cafe's new Halloween line of stamps! I love her color choices too, black and bright green cardstock are awesome together! Love the red rhinestone eyes too! Must be a girl spider since every girl likes a little bling! Lisa used the new stamp "You Need to Dust" and stamped it out several times to make it round. I love how she connected the spider using black fiber too! Great touch! She chose to use the "Frightful Halloween" stamp for her sentiment but don't worry, if this one doesn't work for your card style there's one not quite so scary you can use too called "Classic Halloween"

Need one of these stamps?! Well get yours before they're gone and you're kicking yourself (I know this move personally!) for not getting one! So many things you can do with them all! Come back soon for more fun Halloween stamp ideas!! Don't forget, if you make a creation featuring The Rubber Cafes stamps leave us a link so we can see your awesome work too!

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