Saturday, August 15, 2009

Trick or Treat......

Trick or Treat....smell my feet.....oooookay maybe not BUT, when those cute little goblins come to the door and say that wouldn't you love to have the best treats on the block to give them?! I would! LOL! I always buy candy, but how about candied apples?! They're practically a "right of passage" of being a child! Some of us though only licked the caramel off and tossed the apple but ...ahem, on to other things like, um, a recipe! Yeah, a recipe! One of our awesome team members, Lisa Cook, not only came up with a great recipe but the best way to share it with all those people who will be coming back asking for it! LOL! Lisa will be able to give the the recipe in this great recipe holder! Take a look below and see her creation (don't forget you can click on the picture to get a gooood close up!)

Lisa used the stamp, "Halloween Candy" from The Rubber Cafe's Halloween section to create this. Didn't she do a great job! If you look at the stamp it is a larger stamp but don't let that stop you from all the different ways you can use one of this size! You can use it as a whole stamp in the background or cut out the portions that suit your project like you see here! This stamp lends itself to coloring with either Copic Markers or colored pencils - both are "hot" ways to color right now! I am imagining this stamp being stamped on little white bags, colored, and the bag secured with some great Halloween ribbon full of treats to give those special little goblins in your life too! Fun stuff and endless opportunities here! Not only Halloween either.....let your ideas run wild! So, where do you get this fantastic stamp?! The Rubber Cafe, that's where! Check them out to see what other fantastic stamps they have......don't miss the NEW lovey dovey turtles "Stella and Angus" - ADORABLE!!!

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