Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Penguin Trio Note Card

Hello there! That's what I think of every time I see this Penguin Trio Stamp from The Rubber Cafe! LOL! The little guy in the middle makes me smile every time.

First, I stamped my blue, green and white papers with a light blue ink and my It's A Blizzard Outside stamp (I love this one, can you tell?) and then I stamped the Penguin Trio and coloured it in. I really like how they turned out in grey...penguins aren't always black, right?! What's especially fun about this card is that I used my Corner Rounder Punch to make the scallops...if you have the kind where you can take off the guide, it works beautifully

My layout is courtesy of Sketch Saturday's Sketch #82. I left out a few pieces, but it was my original inspiration. I'm not sure that this would be used as a holiday card, but more of a note card.   Like when I send the cheque to the nice woman who cleaned my parents house before they returned from Florida.

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The Rubber Cafe said...

I always color the penguins grey ... when I use the copics because they get to dark if you use black ... they look great .