Thursday, March 11, 2010

Black & White Stella and Angus

I've been playing a lot with my copic markers lately and working on my shading skills.  So, when I coloured up this image, I imagined a card that would be all shades of grey...but that red flower kept calling to me!
When I stamped my Life is Better With You stamp, I first masked off the flowers, so that they wouldn't be peeking into the edge of my image.  Then, I started playing with my shading, leaving Stella a little bit lighter in colour than Angus.  Once assemebled, I added a small bit of red to the image and the red flower.  I left the card blank, as it could be used for any number of occasions...having a few cards for this purpose in my stash is always a good idea for when life gets crazy busy!

Happy Thursday!

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Stampnsk8r said...

It's like playing with one of those old family photos and a highlight of color.