Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Graduating Eagles

Soon it will come to pass that my son will be graduating from high school. An honor student, an athlete and a musician, he will be walking with his class and I will be the teary-eyed mom watching from the stands waiting for the perfect picture to remember it all. I'm sure that I'm not the only mom in the stands that will be all teared up, but I will feel like the proudest mom on the planet.

When literature came in the mail about grad announcements, I opened it all and reviewed the information. With time running out, I almost went for the store bought versions...but I just couldn't see spending all that time and money and not getting what I want (cause...it's all about me...not him...right?). I finally decided I would put together something simple...I thought...and leave it at that. As it turns out...this wasn't that difficult. The school mascot is a soaring eagle. I went with this wonderful stamp from The Rubber Cafe. Using the Storybook cartridge, the Cricut was a great help for the numbers. The 0's had some little hook at the top and my son wouldn't go for that...so after the die cutting was finished we sat and trimmed off each hook. Since he was the one who didn't like it, I made him do most of the trimming.

I really enjoyed this process. I let my son pick the pictures and I didn't work to make it so complicated that it would be hard to finish in time. He's a handsome, well rounded kid and I couldn't be more proud to share him with you.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.

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TesaB said...

What a beautiful team work! It looks fantastic!