Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Terrific Tuesday Tutorial

Hope you're having a terrific Tuesday. I have been working on several tutorials for your Tuesday pleasure. I was going to do a post-it note tutorial today...but a customer at the Georgia show saw the card drawer tutorial on Splitcoast Stampers and wanted a how-to on the Ultimate. So...next week...we'll do the post-note tutorial. If you check out the resource section over at Splitcoast, you'll find some wonderful tutorials. One of the most recent tutorials is this card drawer. The design is very simple. The measurements are slightly different for the Ultimate.

What you'll need...
* Two sheets of cardstock 9" x 6"
* One sheet of cardstock 9" x 7 1/2"
* Strip of cardstock 6 1/2" x 1"
* Scraps and embellishments to decorate.

On the inside of your Ultimate, there is a section for boxes with the base and top of the box using separate score lines. This is the section we'll be using today.

1. Score each sheet of 9"x 6" on the 3rd score line for each section...one on the top and one on the base...on each of the short ends and one of the long sides leaving one side open with no score line.

2. Fold all score lines and cut into your paper horizontally on each score line...just up to the intersecting score lines and add adhesive to the outside of each end flap. Box will be open on one side. It is important to cut into each section from the back because if the flaps are attached on the side and not the back, your drawer will stick going in.

3. Score 9" x 7 1/2" sheet of cardstock on all four sides, also on the 3rd score line using the base.

4. Fold all score lines and cut into each corner horizontally...just up to the first intersecting score lines and add adhesive to each corner flap to close up to form your box.

5. Add One and Only adhesive to the inside of the open box section that was score on box top.

6. Slide open box base into open box lid to form the drawer slot.

7. Use a 1" punch to punch a notch out of the front of the drawer.

8. The 1/2" strip is used to make the drawer handle if you so choose.

9. Add scraps and embellish. Today I used the Calla Lily Collage to the top and added Pearl Jelly Dots to accent the drawer handle.

Thanks for stopping by...have a great week


Sabrina MacD said...

I saw this tutorial on splitcoaststampers.com via their weekly newsletter and thought it'd be neat to make.

What do you use the little box for?? I really like it but not sure what I'd actually store in it LOL.

marsha said...

Great tutorial, I'm going to give this a try - love how yours turned out!

Hugs, Marsha