Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pot of Flowers

I made up a few of these cards using the Hand Picked Floral image from The Rubber Cafe. I often give pots of flowers to friends and family as gifts, I aim to make them look as full as this beautiful image. It's going to be great to have on hand to give with the bowl of flowers.

While this is a very simple card, I'm not gonna takes some time. The image is detailed and takes me about 20-35 minutes to color in (at a slow pace). I don't usually make cards that take more than 20 minutes total so this is a little unusual for me. One thing I do to speed up the process is stamp several and just sit and color them when I don't feel like creating. The simple act of coloring the image will relax me and make me feel accomplished. I then have a stack at the ready when I need to whip up a card.

Next time you feel overwhelmed by the process of having to design a card or project, take a moment and just color. Even if you don't know what you'll use it for I promise you'll feel like you've created and at the very least you'll have an image ready to use when you need something fast.


Carisa said...

pretty card! i agree, just sitting down to color is sooooo relaxing.

Alexandra said...

wunderschön dieser Blumenkorb.

LC said...

Great card to give with a gift of potted flowers. Thanks for posting.

TesaB said...

So pretty!!! Beautiful coloring!!!