Friday, September 17, 2010

The 3 R's- Recycle, Reuse and Reduce

Hi everyone, hope you all had a lovely week....

Well as you will all find out soon enough, I like to re-use packaging and other everyday disposable items.

Today I'm showing you what I did with the package from a
dog nail trimmer replacement blade kit.
You can do the same with packages from embellishment packaging like I did with a bobunny package seen here on my blog and many others, just think outside the box.

Original package

Package opened and paper insert removed

I used the paper insert to measure (or you can trace) the shape needed and then used my own paper, punches and embellishments and of course the it's a dog's life stamp and the bone from the birthdays and balloons stamp set to decorate.
Just remember in most cases you can't make it too thick or it won't be able to close back up.

I like these type of packages because they have a little bubble built in that you can put things in. You can put little embellishments like I did with the fire hydrant, or candies or anything else that will fit. Basically think shaker card.

On this one I used the grater stamp and I had a little package of flower seeds from a wedding favor I received. The possibilities are endless......

Here's what it looks like empty, It's also handy as a gift tag tied to a present.
I haven't adhered the design so it can be removed if someone wanted just the "card" part after they used their little gift.

Oh and I wanted to show you how I got matching ribbon for my project.
I'm sure all you copic pros out there already know this trick but I thought this was just the neatest thing. Take your regular white ribbon and a copic that matches your project, add the two together and voila you get perfectly matching ribbon without the hours upon hours of shopping for a ribbon that "kinda" matches you project.

Alright so thats my version of the 3 R's.
Reusing product packaging, Reducing scrap ribbon by coloring my own and
Recycling the original insert.

I hope I have inspired you.... I'd LOVE to see your projects!!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Sabrina MacD


Melissa Forsyth-Sampaga said...

What a great idea ,,, love it .

Carla McNeil, Social Media Marketing Mentor said...

Sabrina what a super idea! Going to share that one with a friend of mine who is just starting a website about going green!