Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Stamping on Tiles

I know there are several tutorials for stamping on tiles, but I wanted to just give you the basics. I have been working on a set of tiles for my grandfather. He'll be turning 94 this Friday. I think most my family has hand stamped tile coasters...I even gave a set to Melissa last year sometime. My grandfather...on the other hand...doesn't seem to have any. He had seen them at my moms house and thought they would look nice on his tables. I'm glad it came up this week...I just didn't know what I was going to get a 94yr old that has it all and doesn't need half of what he has. Here is a sample of what he will be getting.

To stamp on tiles you need to have the right tools. Stazon ink is a must. No other ink, that I know of, will work for this technique. The tiles I used are Travertine tiles, not completely smooth. I recommend you use a 4x4" square cardstock to map out what you want to stamp first. This will save you the frustration of stamping on a tile and not liking it. Use a cloth to make sure your tiles are clean and ready to recieve ink. Be sure your Stazon is fully inked. You want to start with a nice juicy pad. If your coloring, you do not want to use Copics on these tiles. Copics will pick up the Stazon color. I used Sharpies. Sharpies also pick up the Stazon ink, but they are a lot cheaper to replace. Once you stamp and color your tiles, then it's time to add the felt feet. Adding felt or cork to the bottom will protect your furniture.


Sabrina MacD said...

94 wow, ya what do you get a 94 year old grandpa LOL. Well I like the coaster idea it's great.

Kristine Reynolds said...

Great coasters! I have been meaning to make some of these for years! Yours turned out great!