Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ornamental Holiday Place Setting

This week our challenge from Melissa was to make place settings for the holidays! Right away I knew I wanted to use the fabulous new set; Ornamental Holiday! I have white dishes and paird them up with a champagne table cloth. My accent colors are burgundy and black with a touch of Liquid Platinum embossing powder.

For my menu I used Nestibilities Labels Four dies. I embossed the border from the Ornamental Holiday set across the top and bottom of my burgandy panel.
Hint: My black cardstock is glossy, so use a black ink pad around the edges to make the white disappear.
For my napkin ring, I stamped the same border end to end and then a row of the Brused Border end to end. Below that another row of the Ornamental Holiday border. Attach your ring together with One And Only Tape. It looks beautiful with a few red gems!

For my centerpiece, I decided on black candles and candle holders with little red berry rings. I embossed and cut out the star ornament from the Ornamental Holiday set, added a gem in the middle and added it to the mix.

For my placecards I used the same theme. I used a Nestibilites Fancy Tags die on gold cardstock to frame my name which I did on the computer. I added a few gems for *pop!*

I also decided to do charms for the glasses. I'm only showing one here, but to vary the design you could use the star, heart and ornament images and varying colored gems and pearls. I attached my charm with sheer ribbon to a wedding ring that I colored with a metallic paint pen to coordinate better.
Hint: Rings found in wedding department at Michaels. They bend easily to wrap around your stemware.

Finally I designed an invite using the various images in the Ornamental Holiday set. I melted a gold ribbon for a tiny bow to hold up my heart ornament. The coordinating wreath in the background was made by tying coordinating ribbons in bows on a metal ring. It makes a beautifully festive addition to this place setting.

I have loved seeing the other DT member's take on this challenge! I hope you have gathered some fun ideas to give your next family gathering a special touch!
Michelle Pearson


Alexandra said...

Das ist eine ganz wunderbare Tischdekoration geworden. Sehr elegant und edel.

Kristine Reynolds said...

these are beautiful! So very elegant! Great job Michelle!

Ann Kranitz said...

How elegant!

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