Friday, October 1, 2010

Spotlight technique

Ok as promised I've posted this week using the "spotlight" technique.
What you do is stamp one image and leave it uncolored, stamp a second image of the same thing then using a punch (any size/color) you punch the area you want to spotlight. All you do after that is color it and attach it to the original image aligning the colored image with the uncolored one. On my card I used the Fall Harvest stamp, a label from the card label set, the stripes from the background basics 2 set and a Happy Birthday stamp.

Oh and P.s. a little life saver is the Stick em up for grabbing those pesky little embellishments.

This little decorative hanger uses the bat motel and the creepy fence and tree stamps.
I did the same technique with the moon area of the stamp.

You could also do a few other things with this. You could have the whole image colored and then cut out a non colored piece instead or you could also use the image with the hole you punched out and lay it over another copy so basically the reverse.

Hope I was able to show someone out there a new technique they never tried, I really had fun playing around with this one.

Have a great weekend.


The Rubber Cafe said...

Cute Idea ... I like the technique makes the image really pop

Kristine Reynolds said...

Thanks for sharing these! I love this technique and forget about it. Great job on these samples!

Ann Kranitz said...

Love the thought of using this technique on Halloween stamps. Great tutorial.

Sabrina MacD said...

Thanks I came across a sample while looking through some magazines and thought it'd be neat to try.