Saturday, October 9, 2010

Stamp Album

Today I'm going to share with you a little album I put together to organize and keep track of what stamps I have made by "The Rubber Cafe". This can be done with any size album I just happened to have a cute little 6x6 floating around my craft area.

I stamped all the images from my collection of the Rubber Cafe onto slips of paper, I then arranged them into the categories as posted on the site (eg; halloween, new releases, sets, birds, butterflies and dragonflies.) I made titles matching the categories I currently own, I just printed them out on the computer and matted them on red card stock. Then I tucked the stamped images (with the names written below the image) into their respective categories. I still have 7 more pages available for when I get new stamps in different categories.

If I had a spare 12x12 album I would have done this a little differently, I would have inserted a 12x12 plain piece of paper with the images stamped on it so it's easier to view (wouldn't need to pull out the slips of paper each time. However if you were to do this with another brand of stamp that you buy from a non-etailer the smaller size would be easier to tote around.....and actually I like the smaller size to keep on my desk.

I have a horrible memory and wanted to make something that I could keep on hand for quick reference, so anytime I go to order new stamps from Melissa I'll know what I already own.

Now if only I could organize the actual stamps then I'd be set..... :)

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for putting up with my struggle towards organization :)

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