Friday, December 17, 2010

Is there someone that you have not seen in a while ...or heard from

So I have been thinking for days geese I should call my dear friend ... So today I went to call and found out that she had passed . I mean' t to call last week ... but didn't cause I was busy .
Miss Kathy was a sweet woman sometimes taken the wrong way but a heart the size of TEXAS . She had 50 + years of stamping on me and taught me everything that she knew . In fact she is the one that taught me to color ... using watercolors. She hated the fact that I started using Copic Markers as she felt that I had a gift with watercolor and I was wasting it . I have several of Kathy's little pieces of artwork that she did and gave to me along the way . What a wonderful stamping friend I have , such and amazing lady .The Rubber Cafe was a thought at one point in time and Kathy and a few other wonderful friends gave me the push I needed and encouragement to get the ball started.

I sure am going to miss her ... and her wonderful ideas ... So the purpose of my post today ... call that person that you have not spoke to in a while .
Rest in peace Miss Kathy ...HUGS we LOVE you very much

Stamping Queen 


Stampnsk8r said...

awww...Kathy...she was opinionated and stubborn as all get out...but she had a heart of gold. She will be missed.

Michelle Pearson said...

sorry you lost a friend....hope you enjoy the memories you've made together!

Kristine Reynolds said...

Sorry you lost your friend...I just called one of mine. thanks for the reminder!

Sabrina MacD said...

Oh no that's so sad :( sorry for your loss Mellie. On a happier note I love the tags you're both holding :p it's sooo nice that you have these pictures as a reminder of your friendship.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I`ll be Captain Obvious, but... it's only few days to New Year last, so let's be happy!