Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Challenging Tutorial and a Winner's not that challenging. I had been checking out other blogs here and there and came across this box (can't recall where). I went searching for directions only to find out that it had been cut from some sort of online template. I'm not really into buying templates. I'm more into buying stamps. the spirit of saving you a little you can enjoy spending more on stamps...I've created this little tutorial that goes along with our weekly challenge.

If you've been checking out the challenges, you'll know this weeks challenge is to use red, pink, and black together. If you're not sure what I'm talking about...check out this post here.

What you'll need:
*Cardstock 6" x 8 1/2"
*Stamps and embellishments for decorating
*adhesive (only for decorating your box)


Line your cardstock up against your Scor-Pal or Scor-Buddy and score at 2, 4, 6, & 8. (Cardstock is cut at 6, not 6 1/2...typo in my pic)

Turn your paper a 1/4 turn lining up the short scored edge to the top and score at 1 1/2 just to the second score line, 2 & 4 all the way down, and again at 4 1/2 to the second score line. This will be the top of the box.

flip your paper over and line a bottom corner (not having extra scor lines) into the 6" line. Score corner to corner in the first square and skipping the second square score again corner to corner in the third square. Turn 1/4 turn staying at the bottom and repeate the score again lining it up at the 6" score line. Cut the top 3 corners off as shown. Cutting all the red lines and cutting off the X'd boxes.

Fold all your score lines, folding all the corners inward.

Close the box by sliding the tabs on the top of the box into the base of the box and it will stay shut.

You're ready to decorate.

This is a fun box to add small gifts or a couple of pieces of chocolate for that special somebody.

I've used the Small Trailing Butterflies and Fleuradidy 1. I made a mask by stamping off the Small Trailing Butterflies and cutting them out then covered the butterflies and stamped Fleuradidy 1 as a background in pink. I popped one of the butterflies on the top of the box to help it stand out a little. Add a little glitter and it's done. Inside I added a couple of pieces of chocolate...maybe I'll leave them in there when I give the box to Melissa.

And The Winner Is...

We can't forget about this weeks winner. I've been using to help generate a random winner. Also, if you use Rubber Cafe stamps, you'll be entered twice.

Now...for the winner:

Chris Olsen

To claim your prize, go to The Rubber Cafe and contact us with your information. Please include the challenge that you entered.

Here are some of the other great cards that entered our challenge this week:

You could be next. Check back tomorrow to see what the challenge will be.


Kristine Reynolds said...

I LOVE this box lisa!!! So cool...going to be making this for sure!!!

gela said...

:0 that is me with my mouth wide open. wow! cool! this

The Rubber Cafe said...

Very Nice tutorial Lisa

Hazel said...

TThank you for featuring my card x

Ann Kranitz said...

what a super fun tutorial!!!

Trisha said...

Hi Lisa! Such a super cool tutorial! And super sweet of you to take the time to make the directions oh so easy to follow AND for SHARING it with all of're the best!
:-) Trisha