Sunday, February 6, 2011

You Push My Buttons!

First of all... Way to Go PACKERS!! :) Just had to throw that in, being a WI girl and all!!

Here is my card for the color got, red and black! I just love this typewriter from the Just My Type set, and enjoyed coloring it a new color scheme with my Copic Markers! Love all of the typefont sentiments included with this set!!

We hope you join our challenge!! Show us what you've got!!


Kristine Reynolds said...

So cute Michelle. Glad your packers won! I didn't really care about the game but it was fun to watch!

Ann Kranitz said...

Love your colored typewriter. Awesome job on that!! YEA for your packers but I am with Kristine, once my Jets fell out of the playoffs I was not interested too much anymore either. Have a great day

TesaB said...

Woohoooo for Packers!!! (My hubby is a HUGE fan and was terribly upset he could not see the game tonight - but happy to see they won!!!)

And wohooooo for your fabbie card! Totally GORGEOUS! I'm using the same stamp on my next post, I love it!!!

Anonymous said...

~Hea Melissa~~
So did ya just LOVE the Packers, "grating some GREAT cheese", lol!
Now, how are you? Love stopping in, and seeing some of your new plans, and ideas!
As ever, Moe

Stampnsk8r said...

Great job and great coloring...thanks for playing along.