Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Envelope Challenge (element in a comp book)

Hi everyone hope your week has been going better than mine has. Lets just say I was very glad when the weekend came, unfortunately it's over way too fast.  Well that aside, have you been checking out all these beautiful  decorated envelopes this week for this weeks challenge?  Aren't they great?  Well this week I'm "killing two birds with one stone" so to speak, not litterally of course LOL.  I joined a swap on a popular stampers community site and this swap is to send the hostess 4 altered Composition books, well how does that tie into this weeks challenge here at the Rubber Cafe you ask??  Well I added a decorated envelope to my book of course.  :) I'll include the pictures of the whole book for you to view (not just the envelope) hope you like it. 
We had to decorate the front and back covers and at least 4 other pages.

 I used scraphappy glue on the clock face and poured on clear beads

I used stamps from the following sets

Hope you enjoyed everyones projects this week and dont forget to stop by everyday and especially Thursdays to see what the new weekly challenges are.  Join in and have a chance to win.

P.S.- have you seen the new webiste for The Rubber Cafe???? I didn't realize it was live :)  It looks great, come on by and let us know what you think. 

**I forgot to mention that I made the rossettes too, watch this video on how to make your own using scraphappy glue"


The Rubber Cafe said...

Do I get one of these to display at CHA

Nubia said...

This reminds me of the Griffin and Sabine books.

Sabrina MacD said...

Yes I'm sending you one of these. I'm going to try and mail it and my other cards this week :) does that mean you like it???? :p

The Rubber Cafe said...

Yes I love it very cool

pocket folders said...

Very nice! Vintage is just timeless when it comes to considering it as a theme for almost anything. You would really come up with great stuff with vintage. The envelopes and that bookmark were really gorgeous, not dull for a brown color.

Mark Adim said...

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Remi Alex said...

Nice card making. Your work looking very impressive.

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