Friday, December 2, 2011

Tim Holtz Tags Rubber Cafe style ....

 I wonder what my neighbors think ... I am up all night long all the time the lights are always on ... if they looked in the window I have tables of craft supplies heaped 2 feet high on my desk . Question when you are crafting do you keep your table clean or are you like me and work in a space that you can push the stuff off to the side ?

 This is my spot tonight ~!

Well I try this every year to get all 12 tags done and last year I made it to tag #3 ...Yeah me
This year I am going to do it .. 12 tags done its just going to have to happen .
When I first started thinking about doing this I thought I need to have all the things Tim was using ... OH NO I DON'T I just wanted to go shopping lets be real. So I told my husband I am just going to lie down for a nap ... at 8pm I will go to a local craft store and get some of the things I needed ... (I wanted )
I didn't wake up until 11 pm and its 3:20 am and I am still up getting my ink on . I have every Spellbinders die ... I must ... so I figured I would have something that I could make those cute pine cones ... I wanted Pine cones ... What did I use spill you are saying ..I used their Spiral blossom #1 with some ink and puffies ... very impressed how those cute little pine cones turned out .

The Samantha Walker Holly Motifs and Holly Accents WOW they are so beautiful cut out .
Did you get your limited Edition Tim Holtz Inks for Christmas ... Before they run out I have to suggest that you get on it ... they are really cool colors ... I looked at the packaging and was undecided about them but after tonight and working with them ... I am getting a second set ... I am in love all over again .
Every time I use my Tim Holtz Inks I fall in love even more . Should my husband be worried ? Here is my version of the 12 tags of Christmas ... Day 1 and I am already behind LOL

Lets see if I can get the others done !

Melissa (Stamping Queen )


Heidi Blankenship said...

Hi Melissa! I saw your post on FB and just had to come and check it out. Your tag is stunning and I love your take on Tim's tag--Fabulous job!! I LOVE the little snowflakes! One of my GF and I were talking yesterday about the Spiral Blossom die and wondering if it would make a good pine cone and it looks like it does in fact make a fantastic little pine cone. Thanks for sharing!! BTW--my desk looks just like yours LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, Each one is a work of art, and the detail will make these keepsakes even more special to those receiving them.

Lori m