Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mother's Day-Flower Pot Gift Idea

May Day has come and gone and so that means Mother's Day is just around the corner!   Today I have a gift idea that is sure to bring a smile to any Mother whether it's your own, a friend, or maybe even your Grandmother! 

I've created this sweet little flower pot, with chalk board sign.  I envision you could include a small little plant or empty with goodies inside like Seed packets, garden gloves for an avid Gardner, or maybe some special drinks or teas.   Use your creativity and imagination!

I started with a Plastic Flower pot, and Wood Chalk board stake that were both in the dollar bins at Michaels.  I loved this Flower pot, as the surface was smooth, and although it looks like a clay pot, is not as pourous which meant no prep involved to ensure it would accept the ink.  Easy Peasy!!

For stamping my image on the pot I used my Black Archival ink, it's a little more permanent, and is more user-friendly with Copics or Prisma markers which are alchohol based. (Staz-on, while good on smooth surfaces, will react with the alcohol markers and disappear while coloring)  As an extra precaution before I started coloring I did heat set my image a bit.

Stamping this on a curved surface while challenging is not impossible.  With trial and error I found what worked the best for me.  Also, if you mess up, it is still removable if you act right away.

I'm using this gorgeous stamp from The Rubber Cafe' called Hand-Picked Floral.  With the stamp postioned on my clear block I started from the left and gently rolled the stamp to the right carefully applying equal pressure to make sure all the details were caught on the pot.  As you are rolling allow the left side of the stamp to lift, this is part of the rolling technique, as it will assist you in lifting the stamp at the end easily and without smudging.  Be extra careful with your pressue, don't push to hard, as this is a smooth surface gentle pressure is best or you could cause it to slide, smudge or push the ink past the stamp causing the detailed lines to swell, none of these things are pretty!

If you get it the first time Yahoo for you!  But if you're like me it may take a few tries to get it right, so don't be discouraged and keep trying, as you get the feel you'll be happily rewarded in the end!   I think it took me 6 tries before I got it on straight and clean! 
I did try it a few times with out the block but found it harder to control and more difficult to keep straight.  So I really recommend this rolling technique with your stamp on the block.  For my block I use Tim Holtz' clear blocks.  I treated myself to a set (comes with 10 different sizes) as I love how thin they are and include a grid on each one which allows you to line up your stamp for more accurate placement.  I have always had a hard time with the thicker blocks and had started to use thin acetate as it allowed me much more control.  So  you can't imagine how thrilled I was when he came up with these!

Once I finished stamping I just went to work coloring.  I found the darker colors showed the best on this surface. My leaves I did use a couple of greens, so found I was able to do some blending but you're going to be limited because of that smooth surface, so keep it simple while you color.  In the end you'll feel like a real artist!    To finish this little gem I took some black/white gingham ribbon and tied it around the top, I also inserted some lace inside the edge - this lace happened to be a pre-adhesive embellishment, which was again perfect for this smooth surface. However, with regular lace I would use an adhesive tape, Glue dots/strips instead of liquid glue and that will work just a nicely.

For my Chalkboard stake- I used the same stamp and randomly stamped directly around the edge of the sign and then with my markers again colored it in.  I love how finished it looks and how cute it coordinated with my pot!   You're all set now to grab some chalk and write a sweet message like, 'I Love You' or just 'Mom' or maybe if you put a flower in it you can use it as a Plant marker and write the name of the plant or flower.

I had a cute card to go with this but somewhere between the Crop last weekend where I made it and home, it got lost.  And I didn't have time to make another one.  I will try to re-create it and share it with you in my next post.  It features another fun technique, so worth making again.  

So get 'Rolling' - if you get started now you'll still have time to whip up a few of these for all the favorite Moms in your life!
Thanks for stopping by!
Stamps:  The Rubber Cafe' - Hand-picked Floral
Inks: Tim Holtz, Clear block set, Black Archival ink, Copics and Prisma markers
Ribbons:  Misc Black/White gingham 1" ribbon, Lace edge ribbon
Adhesives:  Glue Dots/Strips
Other:  Michael's dollar bins- Plastic pot, Chalk board stake


Dawnll said...

What a fun gift idea! love the stamping on the pot.
Thanks for sharing

melissa said...

Very pretty .... Love the idea

reneabouquets said...

What Mom wouldn't love this as a gift! The stamping on the pot is FAB and I love the black & white gingham bow!

cherry said...

sooo pretty! Your coloring is beautiful!