Thursday, September 20, 2012

Introducing Scrap Happy Sheer Glue Mega-Sized!

The Rubber Café is proud to announce the newest addition to our Scrap Happy Glue arsenal:
Scrap Happy Glue "Big Girl Size" (4 oz) from The Rubber Cafe

Scrap Happy Glue "Big Girl Size" (4 oz)$11.99

You’ve all been asking for this fantastic larger size and we’ve definitely been listening!
This amazing glue is specially formulated for paper crafters. Some of its fabulous features are:
  • Perfect For Paper Crafts
    Dries on paper without contracting or expanding.
  • Dries Tacky
    Why is this so terrific? Watch our video on how to make decorative rosettes with ribbon below and you will find out!

  • You Can Rubber Stamp With It
    Begin watching the video above at 9:15 to learn how to apply glitter and flock in the shape of your image! Caution: You must clean your rubber stamp immediately afterward with soap and water.
  • Soft, Flexible Bottle
    Makes it easier for people with hand issues or arthritis to handle to glue bottle.
  • Fine Nozzle Tip
    Reduces clogging and allows for more precise application of glue.
  • Cap Has a Flat Top
    You can turn it upside-down to get more of the glue out.
So stock up on the Big Girl Size bottle of Scrap Happy Glue.

For only $11.99, you can’t beat the value.


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Dawnll said...

Oh yea now that is what I am talking about!
That is the perfect big girl size
Great video sweetie