Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tinsel Trees - Tutorial

Well here we are exactly 10 days before Christmas Day!  I'm working on my Christmas cards still... I guess I'm looking for that perfect single layer card since I mail so many of mine!

So to take a break from all that... I'm here to share my version of a Tinsel Tree!  - I love this project, as it they are easy, beautiful, and can be made with minimal supplies!  

I don't think my pictures do these trees justice, the glitter and lighting was not showing how pretty and Vintage Tinsel like they actually are.

 Here's a close up...
I stepped out a  quick tutorial for you so you can see how I made these.  My trees are constructed out of  Dollar Tree coloring books and those Sudoko puzzle books.  I love the natural color of the paper, and the black print gave an interesting pattern.  There's also tons of video tutorials on You-Tube, in case my instructions aren't enough, and I think Martha Stewart did one as well featuring her Glitter.    This was a fun item to make I remember in my much younger days so it's amazing how all things do cycle at some point.  Paper folding, recycling magazines, and sheet music for Trees and Wreaths, were all very popular in the 70's.
Re-cycled magazine, you plan to throw away are another good base for your tree, or head to the thrift store - Reader's Digest would be a perfect size for the smaller tree.  I acutally put two books back to back for the small tree, but for my large tree, I used one coloring book and pulled the folds around to meet in the back.  Depending on the amount of pages in your book, you may or may not need to piece more than one together.
Below is a look at a book that I've already started folding several pages- I'm ready to fold the next page..  These folded rather quickly - I whipped up two coloring books, sitting and waiting to be called forward in Jury duty this week.  So a fun project you can take anywhere!
I found it easier to get my top points sharper working with the book turned horizontally.
Take the lower right hand corner (as the you look at the book shown above) and pull that corner at an angle and fold down to the spine and crease forming a 45 degree angle fold.
Next take that folded edge and bring it in to the spine of the book- keep the top point nice and sharp.
(Bear with me, this is hard to hold and take a picture with one hand! LOL)

After creasing this down, you'll have a point that looks like a kite pointing out at the bottom.  We're going to take care of that next!  - I found holding the section I'm working on flat- and by pushing the edge against the bottom of the coloring book I can create a scored line to guide my last fold and finished edge.

Take the point  and fold it under following your score line giving you a straight folded edge along the botom or as it you are looking at it, you RH edge of the book.   It should appear as in the pic below:

Just keep this up until you get through each page of the book or catalog.
Here it is standing and waiting to be decorated!

Glitter and Glue
You will need a spray adhesive.  I created my own using our Scrap Happy Glue, an empty spritzer Bottle, and Water.  I mixed roughly equal parts of glue to water.  I started with 3 part water to 1 part Glue - but it was not enough glue.  So I added more glue. 
I don't like Spray adhesives, as it tends to go everywhere, and I usually have to go outside when spraying my project.  But I found using my small spritzer with The Scrap Happy Glue and water was so much easier to control!
Once I finsihed spraying my Tree- I let it sit for a bit to get 'tacky'.  Next taking my Silver Medal You're so Fine Glitter, I poured and pushed the Glitter into the edges of my tree.  I wanted to push or burnish the Glitter, into my tree, so I could be sure even though some would trail off, a lot would also be properly adhered to my Tree.   Once you have the amount of Glitter on your tree that you want you're done!  
In the picture below I turned the lights off, and used my Flash.   I think it shows the Tinsel look of the Silver Medal Glitter a little better!

Happy Holidays to you all! 
Adhesives:  The Rubber Cafe'- Scrap Happy Glue
Embellishments:  The Rubber Caf'e' - You're So Fine Glitter- Silver Medal
Other:  Empty Spray bottle, water, Dollar Coloring books, Sedoko Puzzle books


Jacquie Southas said...

I can't believe you made those out of coloring books!!!! They look amazing - thanks for the tutorial!

Dawnll said...

Love the idea of using the dollar store books, to fun!!!
I love using the Scrap Happy glue a little watered especially for glitter.
Thanks for sharing sweetie

MamaKaraba said...

LOVE your trees! Remind me of crafts I did with my Grandma in the 1960's and 70's!

scrap scha4 said...

Sometimes the simplest things can be so beautiful. Really neat project!

scrap scha4 said...

Sometimes the simplest things can be so beautiful. Really neat project!