Saturday, October 18, 2014

Tree Decorating Place holders- featuring a folded tree tutorial with the Creative Cafe' KOM

Hi Everyone!  Hope you've had a great week!  I'm starting off the weekend, with a cute place card idea, show casing those adorable Elves!!  Yep they're at it again, and busy at work decorating trees for Santa's delivery!
Grab your favorite beverage and read on, while I show you how to make these cute simple trees!
First of all here's my finished tree - It's hard to tell in the picture but I've added some wow by covering them with The Rubber Cafe's very own ultra fine "You're So Fine" Diamond Highlights glitter!  We still sell this in a huge assortment of amazing colors, but I'm such a fan of the Diamond Highlights glitter, I bought the large pot.  This works wonderfully with a coat of our Scrap Happy Glue directly on your paper, and as many of you know once you've let that get a little tacky - you can burnish your glitter into your paper with gorgeous results!  

Here's a closeup - of the top portion - I've added a cute tag as reminder of this special date!  And used the adorable Red bows from Little B which are also in your kit to top off my tree!  You can see my Elf buddy is attempting to add some Mistle Toe to the top for a finishing touch!

Here's a view of the lower half, for place card I've added fish tail banners for my 'Merry Christmas' sentiment, and an extra one for you to hand write each of your guest's name.  I added a fun peppermint candy embellishment also by Little B- and included in your kit.  Tiny jingle bells from the kit are attached to each of my Jolly elves hats- (or not so jolly elves take a look at the poor guy on the bottom!)

So how did I make these cute trees??  Well if you have a digital cutter, I know there are designs that you could use and cut quite easily if so great!  But if you don't I've tried to come up with a simple way score this and create a bottom opening so you have a way to tuck in some sweet surprises as well if you choose!  I admit I'm really not a percision type when I'm creating, I rely a lot on my eye and feel for balance, but I've attempted to create some precision and measurements to help you find your way.
First of all this starts off with a 6x6 pc of Cardstock, so it's perfect to use with any selection from the Doodle Bug 6x6 pad that is also included in this month's kit!
Measuring and creating your score lines:
In the row of pictures below, Working with the top edge of your paper, I'm measuring in from each end at 2" and marking it repeat that a 2nd time.  
Work your way in from the LH side of the paper measuring in again from the edge at 2" and again another 2" from that mark.  This will leave your center section a kite shape so that the LH corner of the square is centered by your 2nd 2" measurement from each side.  
These are your score lines - as you can see in the 3rd picture on the end.
You want to start scoring from the wide 2" mark and angle your paper so your score line will end at the point of the corner of your paper in the Lower RH corner.

Shaping and folding your tree treat box:
Once you've scoring is complete, I start rolling and folding it into my tree shape so you have what you see in the first picture below.  You will end up overlapping the two outside pieces one over the other so you have basically four sides visible when standing, (5 if you count the square bottom)

You can see from the first picture, that it's not even, but you have the point of the kite to work with and this will be your piece you fold to create for your box closer. 
Shaping your bottom is not exact, I found it best to mark the lowest point and with scissors I trimed it so it was as straight as possible while I still had it folded in it's tree shape.  I did try to draw some lines that show my bottom edges in picture #2 - mainly for purposes of scoring the bottom so your sides and flip piece can be scored to create the closure -
Finishing and creating your box bottom:
Here's a look at my finished bottom- I trimed some of the sides off to create a straitght piece, cutting in on each side, so that I created to side flaps and 1 back flap that will fold down and create the bottom of my box. 
I scored my flap by working in from the point to the straight area, this will provide me with a flap that will tuck in and keep the box closed.  And again the flat square surface becomes your tree bottom. 
See how it looks folded in and closed in picture #2.  The 3rd pic is how my tree looks closed and standing up!

Applying your Glitter:
Once you get your tree scored and cut - I opened it up and laid it on my mat with the side up that I wanted to apply the glitter to, and began to prep my tree for the glitter!
I applied Scrap Happy Glue with a wet brush to get it on evenly and not too heavily.  I focused my glue on the areas above the bottom score line, I decided not to bother applying glitter to my bottom and closing flaps. However you could do it all if you choose to, the glitter is so fine it will not hamper your tree from standing up.
Once my glue was tacky... I placed another piece of paper on my craft mat, mainly to easily catch my excess glitter, (below you can see my large pot of glitter!)  I've just sprinkled/poured glitter over the entire tree surface, and burnished the glitter into the adhesive with my finger tips, your outcome is glitter covered paper!  If you don't over apply the glitter you'll find most of it is used and aheres to your paper.  Shake off the rest and return it to your jar. 
Here's a picture with my finished tree again, surrounded by more trees!  Once you get going they are really quick and easy to make!  I didn't glitter the other trees so hopefully you can see the difference with them all clustered together. 
The Glitter really does add an amazing affect to your finished project!  It kind of reminds me of sugared candy.
Thanks for stopping by - I hope you'll give these a try!  Embellished or alone, they are really fun and clustered make a great center piece as well!
Paper: The Rubber Cafe' Creative Cafe' - October kit of the Month -Doodle bug 6x6 pad Santa Express
Ink: Memento Espresso; Vintage Photo Distress Ink; Copic Markers
Adhesives: The Rubber Cafe' - Scrap Happy Glue; Red line tape
Tools:  Trimmer; Ruler


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Karen these are AWESOME! What a cute idea for the Christmas table! I LOVE them!!

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Michelle James said...

I love this. Definitely going to pin it and try it for the holidays. Thanks for sharing!

Laura Cox {aka scrapaddict} said...

This is adorable, it!

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Terrific idea! Love it!

Gloria Stengel said...

Karen, that is the most clever thing I have seen in ages! You are so smart. I am telling everyone...hey, I know her! hee hee These trees are cute and those elves are adorable!